Saturday, January 24, 2015

Natural Law

      As we continue to reflect on how life reveals itself during these winter months, we are able to see the true beauty of nature and the flawless way it expresses itself all around us.  We are reminded that we, too, are part of that nature, a link in that constant order of the Universe that we call Natural or Divine Law.    
     Natural Law is Infinite Spirit, God, the creative force behind all life, the material and the spiritual.  All life, in all its forms, is subject to the Natural or Divine Laws of God. 
     The Spirit Guide Silver Birch, through the London medium Maurice Barbanell, reminds us that "There is not, within the whole of the universe, a thing of nature which does not respond to the intelligence provided by the unchangeable Natural Laws of the Universe."
     In other words, nothing happens by chance.  There is precise order throughout the Universe. The same intelligence that we see expressed in all nature - the tides of the ocean, the movement of the planets and stars, the cycle of the seasons - is also working within us.  Just think about the amazing machine that is the human body, working with such incredible accuracy!
     The same Law that creates the workings of the human body and manifests in the seasons of nature also governs our own seasons. And so we learn to trust that natural flow in our lives without doubt and without fear.  We know deep down that there is a time for everything - a time to be born and a time to die.  And we accept that as part of life.
     We continue our Journey knowing that we too are children of God, creations of Love with unlimited spiritual resources, if we allow ourselves to be guided by that Divine Intelligence.
     Let us make a conscious effort to live in awareness of God.  Pray, meditate and give thanks every day.  And remember - life is to be lived without fear; so laugh, play, love, and continue to grow.

Leading to the Light Within with Love and Wisdom,

Spirit Sage Awilda

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


As the cold of winter takes hold and the days get shorter, we might feel as if our energy is being sapped, both physically and mentally.  For many it is a season of darkness and sadness.  But, if we think about the true nature of the season, we begin to realize that winter is a time for going within both physically and spiritually, a time to replenish our energies.  We acknowledge our feelings of loneliness and sadness, but we also remind ourselves that this cold and dark season will pass, and we will again experience the sunshine.  Winter is a time for healing.

 Spiritualism teaches that  "The phenomena of nature both physical and spiritual are the expression of Infinite Intelligence."  That means that God is expressed in everything around us and that everything has a purpose. 

And, Ecclesiastes 3  reminds us: "For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven."  (ESV)

May the coming New Year bring you Blessings of Peace, Understanding, Healing, Joy, Abundance, and whatever else you may need.  May it bring you the awareness and  knowledge of God's Unconditional Love in your life, especially during times of loss and grief.  And when life gets a little overwhelming, as it sometimes does, Psalm 46 reminds us:  "Be Still, and Know that I am God."  Take a minute and feel the loving presence of God with you, remind yourself that you're not alone in your pain and that God is always with you.

Leading to the Light Within,

Spirit Sage Awilda