About Me

Hello, my Friends,

Thank you for visiting Spirit Sage Awilda, a place of Spirit Healing and Wisdom.

I am a 4th generation Spiritualist Medium and Spiritual Healer, holding credentials with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches as a Certified Spiritualist Medium, Commissioned Spiritualist Healer, and a National Spiritualist Teacher, with a deep interest in spiritual growth and facilitating unfoldment of the Spirit.  I am also a practicing Reiki Master in the Usui School of Natural Healing.

In addition to my formal studies in Spiritualism, I have trained under several internationally known mediums-psychics and spiritual teachers.

As a Medium-Psychic I connect with your loved ones in spirit, Angels/Guides, and Spirit Teachers bringing you their uplifting messages of Love, Healing, Forgiveness, and Guidance.  I am known for my gentle healing energy, my evidential spirit messages, and my ability to consistently connect with my clients with understanding and compassion.  My spiritual teachings transform and inspire, and bring awareness to the possibilities that exist all around us.

I have served clients throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean through personal Readings and Consultations, Spiritual Healing, Teaching and Mentoring, always working under the protection and guidance of Divine Light.  I would like the opportunity to share the beautiful gifts of the Spirit with you.

Please contact me at spiritsageawilda@gmail.com for additional information and to schedule an appointment.

Leading to the Light Within with Love and Wisdom,

Spirit Sage Awilda