Readings and Consultations

In Spiritualism, the purpose of Communication with the Spirit World through mediumship is to prove the continuity of life.  To remind us that we continue to exist after the change called death, although on a different spiritual level.  As a Spirit Medium I’m sensitive to vibrations from the Spirit World and am able to connect with loved ones, bringing their messages of love and healing.  My readings and spiritual counseling sessions are uplifting and empowering, and will help to facilitate your own spiritual transformation.

Mediumship – Psychic Phone Readings:  As a trained Psychic Medium I serve as a channel for evidential communication with loved ones in the Spirit World.  I can see, hear, and sense spirits and will bring you their uplifting messages of love, healing, and guidance.

Spiritual Counseling/Healing:   I am an experienced spiritual counselor, providing guidance on how to apply the spiritual laws of the Universe to free yourself from unnecessary pain and grief.  I help to provide insight and clarity into situations in your life, thus facilitating emotional and spiritual healing and transformation. My spiritual counseling sessions can guide you to your Light Within.

Please contact me at to schedule your appointment.  Thank you.

Leading to the Light Within with Love and Wisdom,

Spirit Sage Awilda